Schauberger & Water
(Natural energy through the centripetal flow of water)
    The spiral-motion principles of water that I am investigating were first explored by Victor Schauberger in the early 1900's. This motion is what we see all around us in nature, from the motion of water, to tornadoes, to the motion of planets and even the formation off galaxies. Schauberger began to take notice of this effect as he wandered about his family's forest and observed nature, particularly the motion of streams. He first put many of his ideas to test in log flumes which were constructed to float timbered logs downstream. Schauberger log flumes carried larger, heavier, logs than conventional flumes would allow, and faster as well. He later explored his natural energy theories in a variety of areas from farming and ecology to the creation of engines, motors, and other methods of utilizing this energy as a power source. This spiraling motion is an implosive force which pushes inward toward the center of a flow, conserving the energy in the system. The consistency which this spiraling pattern appears suggests that there is an underlying energy which flows in this manner and pulls matter in around it - and this is the formative energy which shapes everything around us.