Kirlian Photography
(Using high voltage to image the body's natural energy field)
    The process known as Kirlian photography was developed in 1939 by Seymon Kirlian. He had noticed that when living and non-living things were exposed to high voltage/high frequency current a halo, or aura, would form around the object and could be recorded on film. There is still a great deal of debate over how this effect is produced. Some claim that that human aura is being picked up, while others claim it is little more than an electromagnetic effect. In light of Reich's research it is likely a combination of both. As our blood flows thorough our veins it creates friction, and this friction creates and electrostatic charge. As the blood moves through our veins, the charge travels with it and creates a subtle electromagnetic field all throughout our body. An increased flow of blood in an area increases the strength of the field in that area. It's is this field which the Kirlian effect primarily, or perhaps entirely, comes from. However, since this subtle electromagnetic field is produced from our blood, its flow and consistency affects that field a great deal. This is why Kirlian images can show a person's health and can be used for other bio-medical purposes.