Visiting Artist
April 2003
Jessie Deleers

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I spent the first half of my childhood living in the woods in a small and extremely rustic cabin. I lived in Seattle and New York City after this, and now live in New Mexico. I studied primarily music until my early twenties, when I began studying film, and also in social work / education. I have degrees in both fields.

I was raised "in community" and grew to value this. As an adult I have studied this theme in various ways, primarily American communities, American utopias, and American rhetoric about "community".

I have worked as a teacher, a counselor, a musician, a bartender, a gallery curator, you name it - also in various aspects of filmmaking. I currently work in a film post-production facility in Santa Fe, and live with my 6-year-old son in Albuquerque. I am 33.


When I make "experimental" films I am thinking about music and rhythm more than story. These non-linear shorts are an exercise for me in something like visual music. I like to juxtapose image and sound in a way that we're not used to perceiving. I think this gets closer to our experiences as people.

I like making documentary film because I like people, I am very curious about other humans, and I have a profound need to connect to them in a way that has meaning for both of us.

I guess in both kinds of film I am trying to see further into how we live and how we experience our world


One Chair A Bar at the Folies Bergère Mona Lisa


Effervescence Surface Traversal Puppet Shadow (De)Construction MigrationWu Wei


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