Visiting Writer
August 2002
Tiffany Holmes

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Art games and Breakout:
New media meets the American arcade


My research and creative practice explores the intersection between digital, biomedical, and linguistic modes of bodily representation. In the studio, I am working to synthesize traditional forms of painting with new computer and medical technologies to call into question the relationship between visible and invisible bodily forms and actions. I wish to "make visible" otherwise undetectable aspects of corporeal motion.

The central aspect of my work aims to draw together highly specialized and often compartmentalized ways of knowing and representing the human body, and ultimately works toward an understanding of the relationship between somatic and virtual forms of metamorphosis and growth


One Chair A Bar at the Folies Bergère Mona Lisa


Effervescence Surface Traversal Puppet Shadow (De)Construction MigrationWu Wei


Domestic Tension Midwest Olympia Baiti Raze 213 The Human Condition Baghdad