Visiting Writer
February 2003
Julian Halliday

jhallida [at] columbus [dot] rr [dot] com

The Not-This-War Mix: Mix as Commentary


Julian Halliday is a US resident alien, formerly a North Atlantic islander. His career has included periods spent as an academic, an assembly-line drone (mercifully brief), a social worker and, most recently, a technical writer. He is currently enjoying the New US Economy as a recent recruit to the swelling ranks of the unemployed. Readers of this blurb who wish to offer him a job should contact him at the supplied email address. He has published academic papers and magazine articles, and has in addition written a huge quantity of unpublished material, including testy polemics, letters to editors, cultural theory, film criticism and periodic journals. Readers of this blurb who wish to publish any of that material should…etc. His hobbies include making mix CDs, cooking (and eating), arguing, riding his road and mountain bikes, reading, writing and playing with FQSLQs (furry quadrupeds sharing living quarters). He lives in The Heart Of It All with his partner Liz and two assorted FQSLQs.


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