Visiting Artist
June 2004
Jill Palermo


My painting explores how cellular structure can act as a new kind of portraiture. Scientists look at cells to investigate disease, genetics, and other such concrete matters. As an artist, I am more interested in how an idea or emotion can be expressed using the evolving language of the microscopic. Because all living things embody a cellular structure and because more advanced scientific ideas are becoming common public knowledge, this language can act as a very potent communication medium. It is another facet, or face, of human experience.

Many artists have appropriated imagery from science and tried to make us relate to it. However, I believe it is ultimately inaccessible if we can not see ourselves in the images. Portraiture has remained a timeless art because within each gaze, we recognize ourselves. Perhaps we can now begin to see ourselves- a memory, an emotion, a feeling, a thought, an idea, a desire- within our cellular structure. And perhaps this emerging language, common to all life forms, can spurn a more relevant conversation.

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Jill Palermo received her bachelor of fine arts degree with a minor in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. She has studied in Barcelona, Spain, and lived in an intentional community in Southwest Oregon, learning about sustainability, organic gardening, animal husbandry, and forming community. Two years ago, she started The Copper Onion, a handmade jewelry business, exhibiting at art festivals and galleries around the country.

Jill looks forward to a solo exhibition at The World Universe Gallery in New York City this July. She has received five fellowships and grants for her painting and is represented by Take Two Gallery in East Stroudsburg, Pa. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Springboard Space in the Southside of Pittsburgh, and group shows at The Westmoreland Art Nationals, Take Two Gallery, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and The Regina Gouger Miller Gallery. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and recently moved back to Pittsburgh, to the burgeoning Lawrenceville neighborhood.


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