Visiting Artist
May 2003
Yuichiro Nishizawa


I am interested in investigating and challenging the accepted habits that have arisen in our daily lives as members of a “global society.” In this modern, technology dominated society, we have become enslaved by the illusory reality of “newness,” “speed,” and “ease,” thereby losing touch with our very fundamental human experience. I want to use new media to reawaken people to what technology, however sophisticated or powerful, cannot control—nature and human nature. Technology has the potential to make an immediate impact across cultural or geographical boundaries. That potential can be amplified in combination with performance—a study of human interaction in which people are the activators (inventors) and the reciprocal users (performers) of the technology—to draw attention to and challenge the globalization of culture.

In my most recent work, I am interested in providing an experience rather than presenting a piece of work. The work requires the participation and interaction of the viewer, if s/he so chooses, and is constructed and completed in the viewer’s mind through imagination and contemplation (self-observation). Making such work is like planting a seed. Whether it grows or blossoms is entirely dependent upon the viewer’s experience. The completion (fruition) of the work may occur immediately for some, much later for others, and for some may not occur at all. My goal is to create an opportunity for viewers and to assist them ultimately to turn their gaze inward through engaging them in critical thought.


One Chair A Bar at the Folies Bergère Mona Lisa


Effervescence Surface Traversal Puppet Shadow (De)Construction MigrationWu Wei


Domestic Tension Midwest Olympia Baiti Raze 213 The Human Condition Baghdad