Visiting Artist
November 2002
Kirk Gittings


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My landscape/architectural photography has always been about "sense of place", but not just about how a place looks. I'm most concerned with how a place feels. With a high sense of drama and emotion, my images reflect more visual attachment than objectivity. Being a lifelong resident of the Southwest, I have, therefore, always been most interested in the landscape of my immediate surroundings, which visually informed my aesthetic sensibilities, were the stage for my personal histories and shaped my personal mythologies. These few images span the field of the inner and outer landscape of my psyche. KG


Born in 1950 in Alaska Territory, Kirk Gittings has resided in New Mexico for 45 years. He first studied photography at the University of New Mexico in the 1970s and ultimately received a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from the University of Calgary, Alberta Canada in 1983.

Since graduate school, he has become one of the most widely published and exhibited architectural photographers in the Southwest. His commercial architectural photography regularly appears in national periodicals and books, while his artwork is represented in many museum, corporate and private collections in the S.W. In addition, he is currently an Adjunct Professor at UNM, and an instructor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He has received many awards including a major grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to photograph New Mexicos historic churches. In 1992 he was nominated for the American Institute of Architect's GOLD MEDAL in PHOTOGRAPHY. His first book, CHACO BODY with poet V.B. Price about the Anasazi ruins at Chaco Canyon, has been critically acclaimed as a major contribution to regional art.

He is currently working on another project with V.B. Price photographing the mythical landscape of New Mexico and the Southwest.


One Chair A Bar at the Folies Bergère Mona Lisa


Effervescence Surface Traversal Puppet Shadow (De)Construction MigrationWu Wei


Domestic Tension Midwest Olympia Baiti Raze 213 The Human Condition Baghdad