Visiting Artist
September 2002
Joseph Kohnke

In my work I explore the extensions from one physical entity to another realm. I manipulate the concepts of every day items into my own connection with the spiritual and physical world. In order to achieve these extensions I have experimented with sound as well as kinetics, with the hope that others will see the connections as well. Constantly exploring, I try to find new methods to convey my thought process. The strongest direction in my work deals with the encoding of objects, which in turn becomes property altering. I have found that through the encoding visual objects they become auditory. This creates a middle territory causing them to ascend to a different realm. With the ascension of these objects, their ordinary perception is altered. Within this realm is where I find a majority of my pieces settling, becoming their own entity.

Wine glass, wood, stainless steel, motors, water pump, timer and water.

A spinning wine glass replicated a female singer holding a high note.

L 13" x W13" x H46"

wine glass

Eucharist's, stainless steel, water, motor and basin. Eucharist's were slowly dropped into a basin of water, where they gradually expanded over time.

L 64" x W27" x H52"


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